Meditation Affirmations to Improve Your Relationship between Food and Body

What are Meditation Affirmations?

Meditation Affirmations involve the practice of positive thinking and of showing ourselves grace. Sometimes this involves simply repeating a positive phrase in your mind, letting your mind wander and coming back to that positive phrase. Other times, meditation affirmations may involve a longer meditation script like ours.

Meditation Affirmations Specifically Designed to Help You Improve Your Food-Body Relationship

In working with our clients 1:1, we realized how common it is to struggle with one’s relationship between food and body. Body image struggles and having feelings of hating one’s body are all too common. When we have a negative chain of thoughts constantly running through our heads, it is imperative to challenge that negative self-talk. Our meditation affirmations led by Registered Dietitian Catalina help you do just that.

Whether you are tired of the negative self-talk running through your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror, or you are feeling guilty after a moment of overindulgence, our meditations are all 5-10 minutes and will help interrupt your negative self-talk. These meditations will help you tap into a more compassionate place for yourself as you work toward improving your food-body relationship.

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Meditation Affirmations Series