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Who are we?

We are Cat and Kelly, two Registered Dietitians who co-founded Nutriving. We talk all things food, nutrition, life, and wine! This podcast is a judgment-free zone where ALL foods fit and ALL bodies are welcome.

If you enjoy wine, this podcast is for YOU. Be sure to read the description of our episodes for some pretty tasty wine recommendations.


out of 5

“Wowza! Excellent job ladies! Having worked with Kelly over the past 3 months or so, I can say, this philosophy is the bomb!”

Nikki1304USA, Dietitians Uncorked

“So fun and informative! Really enjoyed it. Keep em coming.”

dbellgo, Dietitians Uncorked

“Fantastic nutrition and health podcast. A must for everyone!”

Mxsandy12, Dietitians Uncorked

“I’ve been listening to the podcast while I have some free time at work and have honestly learned so much. You both are awesome and I’m very appreciative to have this resource”

lilbergeron, Dietitians Uncorked

“Dietitians Uncorked has become part of my morning routine. I love starting my day listening to Kelly and Cat’s rejuvenating perspective on society’s relationship with food. Their genuine love for being dietitians is knowledgeable and fun. I feel like I am sitting there in conversation with Kelly/Cat whenever I listen because they are so down to earth. Thanks for the healthy tips, debunked food myths, and laughs!”

Kedz86, Dietitians Uncorked