October 21, 2021

Greek Yogurt Garlic Aioli: 1 Magical Sauce

Looking for a sauce that will make you (and your kids, your partner, anyone else who is coming over for dinner) want to eat ALL the veggies? This Greek yogurt garlic aioli is magic. I’ve been making this for years because it makes vegetables so damn delicious. 

Want to know how to make this simple 6-ingredient life-changing sauce? Read on.

Table of Contents


  • Plain Greek yogurt. Be sure to get plain. I don’t recommend getting flavors involved here. It will interfere with the flavors brought by the remaining ingredients. You can use the fat level you prefer. In my experience, full-fat gives the best flavor.
  • Mayo. This is optional. If you don’t have mayo or dislike mayo, you can use all Greek yogurt. I really like the flavor that a bit of mayo brings though. It makes the aioli more complex. That being said, I have tried ALL sorts of ratios and variations over the years. This is a flexible recipe and you can customize it to your preference and pantry!
  • Garlic. Fresh garlic. Lots of it if you like a strong garlic flavor! Helllllo nitric oxide boost!
  • Fresh parsley. I like this best with fresh parsley, but I have also used dried parsley when I’m out of fresh. Cilantro is another option, though it does result in a different flavor profile. The amount you add is flexible as well, add until you like the flavor, texture and color of the sauce.
  • Black pepper. Lots of it.
  • Fresh lemon juice. Enough to get the sauce texture you want.


greek yogurt garlic aioli ingredients laid out on white table

How to Make Greek Yogurt Garlic Aioli:

1. Add the Greek yogurt and mayo to a bowl. Stir together.

yogurt and mayo in bowl

2. Add minced garlic, chopped fresh parsley and black pepper.

parsley, garlic, black pepper added to bowl of mayo and yogurt

3. Add lemon juice. Stir until well-combined. If you want a thinner sauce, add more lemon juice.

4. You’re done! See below for serving suggestions.

greek yogurt garlic aioli served in white bowl on white plate with Brussel sprouts

greek yogurt garlic aioli served in white bowl on white plate with Brussel sprouts
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