June 13, 2021

Lemon Turmeric Cake

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Lemon Turmeric Cake

You know those times you really need something sweet, but you also want to feel good about eating it? This Lemon Turmeric Cake has become my recent go-to sweet treat that also makes me feel like I am CRUSHING my internal inflammation! I made it recently for a cookout and everyone loved it because it’s lemony and earthy, but also because it is SO MOIST! This is not one of those “healthy” cakes that also tastes like a cardboard box with dirt on it. It’s sweet, lemony, and perfectly moist.

What makes it Anti-Inflammatory?

You might be wondering why this Lemon Turmeric Cake is considered anti-inflammatory. Well, we have a FANTASTIC downloadable resource (coming soon!) that will explain anti-inflammatory foods for you. But for now, let’s do a simple overview.

Anti-inflammatory foods are those food items that contain polyphenols and other compounds that help reduce inflammation and inflammatory biomarkers within the blood. Is turmeric anti-inflammatory? Turmeric, cloves, AND lemon are all potent anti-inflammatory foods as well as antioxidants. Want to know the difference? Download our wonderful resource to find out more! (Yeah… I am trying to keep you coming back for more!)

This Lemon Turmeric Cake is also super easy to make. You will not need 100 bowls to mix several different things. The only aspect of this recipe that I would caution you on is to avoid overmixing. See? Even here I am asking you not to over-work! Simple, easy, and you do not need to whisk until your wrist hurts 


Notes on the Ingredients

  • Lemon: Use real lemons and lemon juice. The fake stuff will make it taste like the cleaning products “lemon” smell. Besides, it is the real lemon that contain all the anti-inflammatory properties so you might as well get the real stuff.
  • Yogurt: I like to use Greek yogurt because it contains higher amount of protein compared to other yogurts. You can use either the full-fat or light versions. They both work wonderfully!
  • Flour: We tested this Lemon Turmeric Cake recipe with all-purpose flour (AP) and whole wheat flour (WW). This recipe works perfectly with a variation of these two types but here are our thoughts on each tested version:
    • 100% all- purpose flour: If you use all AP, the cake turns out super moist! Also, using this version will make the yellow color of the turmeric pop even more which makes it look fancy.
    • 1 cup all-purpose + ½ cup whole wheat: Using it as the recipe states, gives it that perfect balance between a moist cak